Young British Designers New Fashion Brands

Here at newly-launched, we aim to spread the word about, unsurprisingly, new fashion brands, so we were pleased to discover an online store that has the same ethos.

Young British Designersicon features a selection of, who’d have thought it, young British designers in their store with a selection of clothing and accessories you won’t find anywhere else.

Maria Lau at New Fashion Brands

Designers such as Maria Lauicon and No Love Losticon, both of whom we first discovered at independent trade event Margin London, sit alongside labels including Simeon Farraricon, Hoseicon, and Kirsty Wardicon.

No Love Lost at New Fashion Brands

It’s great to see a shopping site specialising in new & young designers, instead of pushing the same globally-recognised and over-saturated brands you can find everywhere else, and good to know you can find unique pieces to wear that you won’t bump into anyone else wearing.

Kirsty Ward at New Fashion Brands

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