STRADD, the indie shop search App for iPhone & iPad

Stradd The indie shop search app for iPhone and iPad New Fashion Brands

All hail the individual shopkeeper, passionate about sourcing original wares to excite their shopping constituency, keeping the local economy strong and maintaining a stand against the bland homogeny of the large corporations taking over the retail landscape.

But who or what is there to support them in their mission to keep our towns & cities interesting and unique? Step forward the iPhone & iPad must-have called Stradd, the indie shop search App, for tracking down independent stores & boutiques.

Stradd The indie shop search app for iPhone and iPad New Fashion Brands NewFashionBrands.comStradd is an indispensible App that lists an edited selection of the finest independent stores only, so you can track down premium style, near you, via your iPhone and iPad.

Stradd, the indie shop search App, helps users locate key independent shops & boutiques with a design-edge near their location. Created by Margin, the longest-running fashion trade show exhibition in London, the app supports independent stores & boutiques by helping savvy shoppers locate them when travelling.

Perfect for when visiting a new town or city (or for discovering local stores they may not have found yet), users can open up Stradd on their iPhone and the App will locate the best independent stores nearby.

Many stores selected to be featured in the App are offering a discount exclusive to Stradd users.

As well as being able to track down nearby stores, Stradd has visited many stores across the UK and Europe to film Store Tour Videos that offer a glimpse into diverse retail universes. Stores in Spain, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Croatia, and The Netherlands have been filmed as well many across England, Scotland, and Wales.

App Users can watch the Store Tours in the Video section of the App as well as when they’re nearby, in the Store listings. Just some of the stores filmed to date include Freudian Kicks, Urban Industryicon, Lot333, Coggles, Modiste, Supra, Richmond Classics, Eternal Envy, Cooshti, and The Hambledon Gallery, to name a few.

Stradd doesn’t list large mall shops, high-street chains, mono-brand flagships or department stores; only independent shops owned and run by individual proprietors with a keen design eye who stock exciting and fresh labels. Indie store owners can submit their details for consideration, and loyal shoppers can suggest their local boutique.

Download Stradd directly here onto your iPhone or iPad, or visit the Stradd website for more info.

Stradd The indie shop search app for iPhone and iPad New Fashion Brands

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