For Foxes Sake.

For Foxes Sake at New Fashion Brands

Maybe it’s because we’ve been seeing a couple of foxes scavenging for food recently or perhaps it’s the time of year where you feel like snuggling up to something warm, furry and cuddly, but we’ve got foxes on our mind.

They look adorable, their shape and colouring, and there are ways to bring them closer without letting the real thing indoors.

There are pieces from newer labels tapping into the love of foxiness.

Sugarhill Boutiqueicon have created this incredibly-affordable intarsia knit with a foxicon wrapped around it (the tail goes round the back, where it belongs I suppose).

sugarhill at oliver bonasicon

Oliver Bonasicon are also carrying these great fox accessories if you want to limit your vulpine exposure.

There’s a silver necklaceicon or iPhone caseicon to add a hint of fox.

foxy accessories at oliver bonasicon

Brighton independent store Mama San have a well-chosen selection of foxy pieces from a great mug illustrated by Superfumi, a vintage-style ring, Superfumi notebook, and a screen-printed sweatshirt illustrated by Jack Teagle.

foxes at mama san brighton

After you’ve foxed up yourself, you may feel you want to spread the adorable furriness in which case Lazy Oaf has you covered with this greetings card:

fox card by lazy oaf

We’re feeling particularly foxy right now so, in true fox style, we’re off to scavenge some food (at Patisserie Valerie!).

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